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£315,000 Guide Price

Property Features

Property Summary

A LARGE THREE BEDROOM END TERRACE with all double sized bedrooms. The ground floor comprises of a large lounge, modern fitted kitchen/diner and utility room. To the first floor there are three double bedrooms and a white three piece bathroom suite. Other benefits include a block paved front, full UPVC double glazed windows and gas heating via radiators. Viewings advised.

Full Details

A LARGE THREE BEDROOM END TERRACE with all double sized bedrooms. The ground floor comprises of a large lounge, modern fitted kitchen/diner and utility room. To the first floor there are three double bedrooms and a white three piece bathroom suite. Other benefits include a block paved front, full UPVC double glazed windows and gas heating via radiators. Viewings advised.

ENTRANCE HALL Double radiator, stairs to first floor, understairs cupboard

UTILITY ROOM 8' 7'' x 8' 6 (2.61m x 2.59m) Double glazed window and door to front, meters, radiator.

KITCHEN/BREAKFAST ROOM 14' 8'' x 10' 3 (4.47m x 3.12m) Ample worktops, built in oven and hob, range of wall and base units, stainless steel extractor hood, plumbing for washing machine and dishwasher, tiled floor, radiator, coving, smooth ceilings, UPVC double glazed window and door to rear garden.

LOUNGE/DINER 19' 4'' x 10' 4 (5.89m x 3.15m) UPVC double glazed french doors to rear garden, UPVC double glazed window to front, coving, smooth ceilings.

FIRST FLOOR LANDING Hatch to loft space, airing cupboard, UPVC double glazed window to front, coving, smooth ceilings.

BEDROOM ONE 13' 6'' x 10' 3 (4.11m x 3.12m) Double wardrobe, UPVC double glazed window to rear.

BEDROOM TWO 14' 10'' x 8' 8 (4.52m x 2.64m) Radiator, UPVC double glazed window to front.

BEDROOM THREE 10' 3'' x 9' 9 (3.12m x 2.97m) Radiator, UPVC double glazed window to rear.

FAMILY BATHROOM Full white suite with 3/4 tiled walls, UPVC double glazed window to front.

REAR GARDEN Mainly laid to lawn, patio area, 6ft fencing, garden shed.